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The Genius of Play™

Raising smarter, healthier, happier kids... that's the genius of play!

The Genius of Play™ initiative celebrates the many proven benefits of play … and encourages parents and caregivers to make play an important part of their child’s day!

Play isn’t just an after-school or weekend activity — it’s an important aspect of a healthy and well-rounded childhood, and should be a part of every kid’s day. Research shows that toys and games of all kinds help develop and improve children’s cognitive, social, emotional, and motor skills. Play also helps reduce stress, strengthens familial bonds, and molds the children of today into the leaders of tomorrow!

To help educate parents, caregivers and teachers about the many benefits of play, The Toy Association has launched The Genius of Play™ initiative. website is chock-full of play resources for families featuring videos, play tips, fun facts, and expert advice.

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The Genius of Play is brought to you by The Toy Association, the not-for-profit group that represents more than 1100 businesses involved in creating, producing and delivering toys and games for kids of all ages.