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Ann Williams Craft-tastic Nature Scavenger Hunt Potions
Ann Williams Craft-tastic Nature Scavenger Hunt Potions Select

Ann Williams Craft-tastic Nature Scavenger Hunt Potions by PlayMonster Group, LLC

Get children out into the environment and appreciating their natural world! Go outside and collect ingredients, then combine them to create magic potions! There are enough materials to make seven potions—and the bottles can be reused! Make a Sunshine Potion, Rainbow Potion, or create your own Nature Potion!

MSRP: $19.99 | 4+ years | | Share:

Professor Maxwell's VR Dinosaurs
Professor Maxwell's VR Dinosaurs Select

Professor Maxwell's VR Dinosaurs by Abacus Brands

Get up close with prehistoric marvels and explore dinosaurs like never before, in stunning V/R! This deluxe gift set includes an 80 page interactive DK book, VR goggles, a dig-out rock and tools to chisel and discover your own T-Rex fossil, and dozens of AR/VR experiences all packaged beautifully!

MSRP: $59.99 | 8+ years | | Share:

Replogle Globe 4 Kids
Replogle Globe 4 Kids Select

Replogle Globe 4 Kids by Replogle Globes

This globe is an up to date political globe. When illuminated the globe reveals hidden illustrations of animals and more. Also, includes an AR-augmented reality feature. Download the free app to your smart device. Gain access to multiple categories of featuring Animals, Dinosaurs, Landmarks, Countries, Climate, Solar System and Aerospace.

MSRP: $49.95 | 7+ years | | Share:

Snap Circuits: Green Energy
Snap Circuits: Green Energy Select

Snap Circuits: Green Energy by ELENCO

Go Green! Explore electricity and clean energy concepts, such as electric cars, windmills, solar energy, hand-generated power, and more! Have fun building real, working circuits and vehicles while learning about alternative power, energy conservation, and how the electricity in your world works. Perfect for environmentalists, future engineers, and kids everywhere!

MSRP: $102.99 | 8+ years | | Share:

Super Cityscape Transport Bucket Set
Super Cityscape Transport Bucket Set Select

Super Cityscape Transport Bucket Set by Hape

All aboard! The Super Cityscape Transport Bucket Set takes little ones on city-like adventures in a plane, train, taxi or crane! The beautifully painted 80-piece playset incorporates locomotives, and its own storage into play, with all the fun accessories for kids to build a city from their own imagination.

MSRP: $124.99 | 3+ years | | Share:

Where's Squeaky?
Where's Squeaky? Select

Where's Squeaky? by Blue Orange Games

Can you find Squeaky the Mouse? One player hides her, and the others must find her! Listen closely for clues! You can hear her laughing and giggling louder and louder! This adorable interactive hide-and-seek game is a delight for preschoolers to play independently and develops social play, focus and attention.

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WindBots: 6-in-1 Wind-Powered Machine Kit
WindBots: 6-in-1 Wind-Powered Machine Kit Select

WindBots: 6-in-1 Wind-Powered Machine Kit by Thames & Kosmos LLC

Build 6 awesome bots and a handheld wind generator to explore one of the oldest power sources in the world: wind! These cool models don’t require batteries or electricity and they snap together easily without the use of glue. With them, kids can learn about gear ratios and wind-power technology.

MSRP: $32.95 | 8+ years | | Share: