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Arckit 100
Candy Vending Machine - Super Stunts & Tricks Select

Candy Vending Machine - Super Stunts & Tricks by Thames & Kosmos LLC

Construct a toy vending machine that sorts coins, dispenses candy or small prizes, and doubles as a coin bank! Test different configurations in the customizable coin track area: watch coins perform stunts—sliding down ramps, making jumps, and ringing bells—before triggering the compartment to open, popping out a prize!

MSRP: $39.95 | 8+ years | | Share:

LEGO® City Rocket Launch Center
LEGO® City Rocket Launch Center Select

LEGO® City Rocket Launch Center by LEGO Systems, Inc.

This LEGO® City Rocket Launch Center playset is packed with NASA-inspired features, including a huge launch tower and a planet rover. Additional observation dome and launch control center, a service vehicle, drone and 6 minifigures included. Combine this set with others from LEGO City Space for even more fun.

MSRP: $149.99 | 7+ years | | Share:

LEGO® MARVEL I am Groot Select

LEGO® MARVEL I am Groot by LEGO Systems, Inc.

Every fan of Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will know the famous scene where Baby Groot dances. Now kids can recreate this scene and others with this detailed, movable recreation of the lovable and mischievous toddler.

MSRP: $54.99 | 10+ years | | Share:

Logical Master Builder Blocks
Logical Master Builder Blocks Select

Logical Master Builder Blocks by HABA

Use spatial imagination to recreate buildings! Junior builders choose one of 16 cards from three different difficulty levels. Each card shows a building from two angles. Players have to replicate it on the template board. Always different, and always fascinating! For free play or for construction according to architect’s plans.

MSRP: $49.99 | 5+ years | | Share:

Magna-Tiles Dino World XL 50-Piece Set
Magna-Tiles Dino World XL 50-Piece Set Select

Magna-Tiles Dino World XL 50-Piece Set by Magna-Tiles

Surprise the little paleontologist in your life with the BIGGEST thing in magnetic construction! The new Dino World XL set has it all: All 6 of the Magna-Tiles® dinosaurs, our BIGGEST tiles ever and new-to-the-world magnetic trees. Create the BIGGEST builds in pre-history!

MSRP: $129.99 | 3-5 years | | Share:

PIXIO-800 Select

PIXIO-800 by Trendformer Limited

PIXIO-800 is an interactive toy that seamlessly blends art, sensory skills, and digital software for the ultimate playing experience. The set represents an up-to-date approach to children’s creativity, consisting of 800 magnetic blocks of 16 colors to form a collection of original pixel arts.

MSRP: $350.00 | 6+ years | | Share:

Snap Circuits MyHome Plus
Snap Circuits MyHome Plus Select

Snap Circuits MyHome Plus by ELENCO

Build your own green-energy wonderhome with real electric circuits using solar, wind, or battery-generated power! Learn how electricity travels inside walls and powers your home. Build motion sensors, security systems, overhead lights, switches, generators, and more with easy, color-coded snap-blocks. Your home, your GREEN power, know how it works!

MSRP: $129.00 | 8+ years | | Share: